Nolan’s Jewelry/Chinese Monthly Corp./Kimbrel Music - 819-23 10TH ST

 Print Listing Historical Name - Weiss Jewelers
Style - Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Movements/Commercial Style
Built Year - 1918
State ID - 5WL4167

Description - One-story, rectangular, brick commercial building with three storefronts on façade. Building has flat roof and cornice of molded brick. Brick panel above each storefront, as well as band of black material above storefronts. Each storefront has a signband enframed by brick piers with stone caps. The storefront on the east end has an off-center inset entrance, display windows with colored panels covering the area below the windows, and a base clad with black structural glass. The wall at the east end of the storefront is angled inward. The center storefront has an inset center entrance with metal frame glazed door with transom. There are plate glass display windows with black structural glass panels below the windows. There is a roller awning above the windows. The east wall is angled inward. The west storefront has an off-center inset entrance with a metal frame glazed door toward the west end. A roller awning shelters the storefront. The plate glass display windows are angled in toward the entrance and there are colored panels under the windows and a band of black structural glass panels. The rear of the building is brick and has three entrances with altered transoms and small windows. There is a low enclosed projection at the rear of the east storefront.

Historical Background - This building, erected in 1918 by J.K. Thompson, has always been divided into three storefronts addressed 819, 821, and 823 10th Street. During 1922 through 1926 a printer and dry cleaners were listed at this address. During the period 1928 through at least 1970 Weiss Jewelry occupied the 819 storefront. Fred Weiss opened Weiss Jewelers in Greeley in 1915. By 1970 his son, Howard, owned the business. Jonesy’s Café, a clothing store, and a variety store occupied the middle space (821) during those years. Kimbrel Music Co., a flower shop, and a variety store were housed in 823 during that period.