Meschko House - 2025 9TH AV

 Print Listing Historical Name - Forrest L. & Anna Bess Powars House
Style - Other Style
Built Year - 1926
State ID - 5WL4400

Description - This house is situated on the west side of the thoroughfare, between 2023 9th Avenue to the north and 2031 9th Avenue to the south. The dwelling is set back approximately 46 feet from the street. A planted grass yard with mature landscaping surrounds the structure. Oriented to the east, the house rests on a high concrete foundation with one-over-one-light double-hung sash basement windows. White-painted stucco covers the entire structure. Windows are generally one-over-one-light, double-hung sash. The original windows have white-painted wood frames. Some windows, however, have been replaced with white, vinyl -frame windows. All windows generally appear in pairs or bands. Picture windows appear on the east ends of the north and south elevations. A flat roof porch dominates most of the symmetrical front (east) fa├žade. It is curved at the corners and is now enclosed with 12-light, fixed-frame windows. Approaching the center of the porch are nine, steep, wood steps, flanked by stucco-covered knee walls supporting black, wrought-iron railings. Beneath the porch, corresponding to the high basement, open four-light casement windows, with gray-painted wood frames. A doorway opens low on the west end of the south elevation and provides access to a basement apartment. It is a white-painted, four-panel, one-light, glass-in-wood-frame door, opening behind a vinyl-frame storm door. Poured asphalt covers the shed roof, which is surrounded on all elevations except the rear (west) by a parapet. A red-brick chimney emerges near the center of the roof.

Historical Background - In July 1887, James M. Freeman platted Arlington Heights. The are was also known as Freeman's Subdivision and consisted of a large area extending south from downtown Greeley. This lot at 2025 9th Avenue is located within Arlington Heights. Local tax assessor records indicate that the current home was constructed in 1926. Information regarding the home's first inhabitants is inconclusive; however, city directories reveal that Forrest L. Anna Bess Powars lived at this house soon after its construction. Mr. Powars was born on June 14, 1885, near Brighton, Colorado. He married Anna Bess Mason on December 18, 1907, in Ms. Mason's home south of Brighton. They moved to Greeley in 1924. The couple have two children, named Wayne and Dorothy. Mr. Powars served two terms as Weld County commissioner and worked as secretary of the Independence School District for 14 years. Later in life he worked as a Greeley police officer and a merchant police office. Forrest L. Powars died in December 1959 at the age of 74. Edna McConn resided at 2025 9th Avenue between 1930 and 1940. Many individuals lived at this address between 1941 and 1998, including Dan E. and Hazel Schwalm, Henry Croissant, Sam Dahlberg, Malcolm Burns, and many University of Northern Colorado students. Ownership of the property transferred to Richard and Geraldine Pauly at some point before 1999, when they sold it to Thomas L. and Debra Ann Nauman.