Jed. D. & Renee S. Reed House - 2310 9TH AV

 Print Listing Historical Name - W.W. Hamilton House (ca. 1913)
Style - Other Style; type: Wood-framed, hipped-roof box
Built Year - 1910
State ID - 5WL4450

Description - This house at 2310 9th Avenue is situated on the east side of the thoroughfare, between 2304 9th avenue to the north and 2312 9th Avenue to the south. The dwelling is set back approximately 48 feet from the street. A planted grass yard with mature landscaping surrounds the structure, and a woven-wire fence encloses the back yard. Oriented to the west, the house rests on a buff-colored, rusticated sandstone foundation, with three-light hopper basement windows. A red, pressed brick veneer, with thin, white mortar, clads the exterior walls. Windows are generally one-over-one-light, double-hung sash, with white-painted aluminum frames. Picture windows appear on the south end of the front (west) elevation and the center of the south elevation. A pair of one-light casement windows are located west of this picture window. Most windows appear between dressed, sandstone sills and compressed, brick arches. However, the picture window on the south elevation has a flat header. A nearly full-width, hipped roof porch extends across the front (west) elevation. It has black, wrought-iron supports and railings, and a concrete floor. Four concrete steps, with flanking, wrought-iron railings, approach the porch on the north end of the front elevation. The front door, located on the north side of the west elevation, is a white-painted, one-light, glass-in-wood-frame door, opening behind a white, aluminum frame storm door. A hipped-roof porch also extends across nearly all of the rear (east) elevation. The northern three-quarters of the porch, which appears to have always been enclosed, are covered in white-painted, horizontal wood siding. It hosts a white-painted, five-panel, one-light, glass-in-wood frame door. The southern two-thirds of the porch is enclosed with white-painted, wood beadboard and a band of four-light casement windows. This portion of the porch has a white-painted, four-panel, glass-in-wood-frame door, opening behind a white-painted, wood-frame storm door. Four wood steps approach this doorway. Gray asphalt shingles cover the hipped roof, which features flared eaves. The eaves are boxed with white-painted wood fascia and beadboard soffit. A hipped-roof dormer protrudes from the front- (west-) facing slope of the roof. It is faced in white-painted, fish scale wood shingles and hosts a pair of one-light casement windows. A red brick chimney emerges near the center of the roof.

Historical Background - In October 1909, the Colorado Mortgage and Investment Company and J.M.B. Petrikin platted the First Addition to Arlington Park, which consisted on fifteen city blocks located south of the original Arlington Park subdivision. The First Addition included numerous lots including this one at 2310 9th Avenue. According to local tax assessor records, the current house was constructed in 1910. City directories reveal that W.W. Hamilton resided at this address between 1913 and 1923. Several individuals lived at 2310 9th Avenue between 1926 and 1946, including Frank Conroy, Frank Jozwick, Merle P. Eckels, Frank Hugh Shoemaker, J. Glenn Briggs, and Garland B. Hammons. Property ownership probably transferred to Jerold D. Barnett by at least 1954. Jerold D. and his wife Betty L. also lived in the home through at least 1975, possibly until 1994.