Clark House - 2014 10TH AV

 Print Listing Historical Name - Lelah Davis House (ca. 1917)
Style - Late 19th and 20th Century Revivals/Classical Revival/Classic Cottage
Built Year - 1909
State ID - 5WL4506

Description - This house at 2014 10th Avenue is situated on the east side of the thoroughfare, between 928 20th Street to the north and 2018 20th Street to the south. A planted grass yard with mature landscaping surrounds the structure, and a two-track concrete driveway runs along the south side of the dwelling. Oriented to the west, the house rests on brown-painted, decorative (pseudo-rusticated) concrete-block foundation, with one-light awning basement windows. White-painted, horizontal wood siding clads the exterior walls. Most windows, especially those on the principal (west) elevation and west ends of the north and south elevation, are six (vertical)-over-one-light, double-hung sash windows, with white-painted wood frames and brown-painted wood surrounds with protruding cornices. All windows have aluminum-frame storm windows. A nearly full-width, hipped-roof porch extends across the symmetrical front (west) fa├žade. It features fluted, square wood supports, with bases and capitals. Bands of eight-light, wood-frame casement windows enclose the porch. It is accessed through its center via a six-step wood stoop and a white, vinyl-frame storm door. On the east end of the north elevation, a five-step concrete stoop, with black, wrought-iron railings, approaches a doorway. It hosts as white-painted, one-light, glass-in-wood-frame door, opening behind an aluminum-frame storm door. A metal awning protects a pair of windows near the center of the south elevation. The rear (east) elevation appears to have been originally L-shaped, with the inside corner facing northeast. That corner has been filled with structure consisting of a brown-painted, concrete block foundation, and white-painted, horizontal wooden siding. The basement portion of this addition hosts a one-beside-one-light, sliding sash window, with an aluminum frame. North of it is a white-painted, four-panel, one-light, glass-in-wood-frame door. Above the window and door, in the first story is another one-beside-one-light, sliding-sash window. South of this addition, but still on the rear (east) elevation is an integral, one-car garage into the basement. It features paired, three-panel, four-light wood doors, opening on metal strap hinges. Just north of this doorway is a white-painted wood slab door. A hipped-roof dormer, with flared eaves, protrudes from the front- (west-) facing slope of the main, hipped roof, which also has flared eaves. The dormer is faced is white-painted, square--cut wood shingles, and hosts a pair of hopper or awning windows. The broadly overhanging eaves are boxed with white-painted beadboard soffit and fascia. Gray asphalt shingles cover all roof surfaces, and a tan-brick chimney emerges near the apex of the roof.

Historical Background - In July 1887, James M. Freeman platted Arlington Heights. The area was also known as Freeman's Subdivision and consisted of a large area extending south from downtown Greeley. This lot at 2014 10th Avenue is located within Arlington Heights, a further subdivision of the Freeman property. Local tax assessor records indicate that the current house was constructed in 1909. Little is known about the property between 1909 and 1916. Lelah Davis resided at this address between 1917 nad 1923. City directories indicate that Elmer E. and Helen Baker owned the house between 1926 and 1970.