Roe House - 2515 10TH AV CT

 Print Listing Historical Name - Earl McKinley House
Style - Other style - ranch type
Built Year - 1948
State ID - 5WL4613

Description - This house is situated on the west side of the thoroughfare, between 2511 10th Avenue Court to the north and 2519 10th Avenue Court to the south. It is set back approximately 50 feet from the street. A planted grass yard with mature landscaping surrounds the structure, and a wood privacy fence encircles the back yard. Oriented to the east, the house rests on gray-painted concrete foundation, with two-light hopper basement windows. Yellow, horizontal, aluminum siding, and white, aluminum cornerboards, clads the exterior walls. Windows are generally four (vertical)-over-one-light, double-hung sash, with gray-painted wood frames, white-painted wood surrounds, and white-painted, wood-frame storm windows. A picture window dominates the south end of the front (east) elevation. It consists of 13 lights. A bay protrudes on the north end of the front (east) elevation. In an alcove on its south end is a doorway. It hosts a white-painted, two-panel, four-light, glass-in-wood-frame door, opening behind an aluminum-frame storm door. Approaching the doorway is a three-step concrete stoop, with gray painted, wrought-iron railings. A one-car garage is attached to the south elevation. Dominating the front (east) elevation of the garage is a white-painted, four-panel, aluminum, overhead-retractable garage door. It is connected to 10th Avenue Court via a concrete driveway. Opening at the center of the rear (west) elevation is a white-painted, two-panel, nine-light, metal door, behind a white, aluminum-frame storm door. The north elevation of the garage, which protrudes westward beyond the rear (west) wall of the house, hosts a buff-white-painted, one-light slab door. Brown asphalt shingles cover the cross-hipped roof, and the eaves are boxed with white-painted wood fascia and soffit.

Historical Background - In June 1948, John R.P. Wheeler and Lloyd McCarney platted Wheeler's 2nd Addition. Wheeler's 2nd Addition subdivided the West 116 feet of the east 406 feet of block 13 of the first addition to Arlington Park. This lot at 2515 10th Avenue Court was included in this subdivision. John R.P. Wheeler developed more than half of Greeley's subdivisions, with Arlington among the first of his suburban developments. Wheeler was born in Greeley in December 1916 and lived there for his entire life. His family founded Wheeler Realty in 1915, a prominent real estate company in northern Colorado. Wheeler took over the family business in 1940 and began working as a real estate developer and broker. Local tax assessor records indicate that the current house was built in 1948. City directories do not indicate who first lived at this address but do reveal that Earl McKinley resided here in 1952. A multitude of individuals lived here between 1954 and 1987, included Richard Van Dyke; Wanda Inman; W.H. and Wanda L. Stevens; Kenneth N. Cissna; Gerald Tabor; Terry Bruce; and Steven Brieske. Warranty deeds indicate that Richard D. and Laurie A. Kimball purchased the property sometime before 2001 and later sold it.