Tony Diederich House - 2416 11TH AV

 Print Listing Historical Name - John P. Watons House (ca. 1952)
Style - Ranch Type
Built Year - 1950
State ID - 5WL4639

Description - This house at 2416 11th Avenue is situated on the east side of the thoroughfare, between 2412 11th Avenue to the north and 2420 11th Avenue to the south. It is set back 34 feet from the street. A planted grass yard with mature landscaping surrounds the structure, and a combination of wood and woven-wire fences encircles the back yard. Oriented to the west, the house rests on a tan-painted, concrete foundation. Tan-painted, horizontal wood siding clads the exterior walls. Windows are two-over-two light, double hung sash, with white painted wood frames, thin, tan-painted wood surrounds and aluminum frame storm windows. Protruding from the south end of the front (west) elevation is a hipped-roof bay, which features the front doorway. It hosts a six-panel, white-painted wooden door, opening behind a white-painted, aluminum-frame storm door. It is approached by a two-step concrete stoop, protected beneath a small, hipped roof on square, wood supports. Small vents, boarded shut, appear above the foundation on either side of the door. A one-car garage is attached to the north elevation of the house. Dominating the front (west) elevation of the garage is a white-painted, 16-panel, aluminum, overhead-retractable garage door. It is approached by a concrete driveway from 11th Avenue. The north elevation of the garages hosts four-light awning, hopper, or casement windows. Another doorway opens on the rear (east) elevation of the garage. Gray-brown asphalt shingles cover the cross-hipped roof, and the eaves are boxed with tan-painted wood fascia and soffit.

Historical Background - In may 1946, Clyde L. and O.L.Hackley platted Hackley's Subdivision of Block 8 of the first addition to Arlington Park, which included this lot at 2416 11th Avenue. Little is known about the property between 1946 and 1949. Local tax assessor records indicate that the current house was constructed in 1950. According to city directories, a multitude of individuals lived here between 1952 and 1981, including John P. Watons; M. L. Wetz; Carl W. and Wayne Neihart; Joseph M. Barnett; Alfred V. Dhooge; Perry Perkins; and Gary Wiggington. Warranty deeds reveal that Daniel and Cynthia Shaffer took over ownership of the property sometime before 1992, when they sold it to the current owner.