Crego House - 1001 25TH ST

 Print Listing Historical Name - W.D. Sutherland House
Style - Ranch Type
Built Year - 1949
State ID - 5WL4743

Description - This house at 1001 25th Street is situated on the northwest corner of 25th Street and 10th Avenue. It is set back 41 feet from 25th Street. A planted grass yard with mature landscaping surrounds the structure, and a chain-link fence encloses the northwest corner of the yard. Oriented to the south, the house rests on a white-painted concrete foundation with three-light, hopper basement windows. White-painted, asbestos shingle siding clads the exterior walls, and white-painted, vertical wood siding with scalloped bottoms, covers the gables. Most windows are one-over-one light, double-hung sash, with white-painted wood frames and surrounds, and aluminum-frame storm windows. They generally appear in pairs, and those to the north of the front (south) porch are protected beneath a curved, fiberglass awning. A tripartite picture window dominates the front (south) elevation of the integral front porch. It consists of two, one-over-one-light, double-hung sash windows flanking a central fixed-frame window. An identical window appears near the center of the rear (north) elevation. East of the window on the porch is a white-painted, four-panel, two-light, glass-in-wood-frame door, opening behind a black-painted, aluminum security-type storm door. Approaching the porch from the east are three concrete steps, with black, wrought-iron railings. West of the steps are three tiers of light-brown-brick planters. A front-gabled, protruding bay on the north end of the west elevation hosts a white-painted, three-panel, one-light, glass-in-wood-frame door, opening behind a black, aluminum security-type storm door. A four-step concrete stoop, with flanking wrought-iron railings, approaches the doorway. A descending concrete stairwell on the east elevation provides access to a basement apartment. The basement doorway hosts a white-painted, nine-light, glass-in-wood-frame door, with an aluminum-frame storm door. A one-car garage is attached to the west side of the house and is connected to 25th Street via a concrete driveway. Dominating its front (south) elevation is a white-painted, eight-panel, wood, overhead-retractable garage door. The west elevation of the garage hosts two, six-light casement windows. Gray-green asphalt shingles cover the side-gabled roof, and the eaves are boxed with white-painted wood fascia and soffit. Metal louvered vents pierce the gable ends.

Historical Background - In May 1946, Clyde and O.L. Hackley platted Hackley's Subdivision of block 8 of the first addition to Arlington Park, which included this lot at 1001 25th Street. Little is known about the property between 1946 and 1948. Local tax assessor records indicate that the current house was constructed in 1949. City directories reveal that W.D. Sutherland lived here in 1952. Henry and Florence Schmier resided at this address between 1954 and 1994 and likely owned the property during that period. Florence Schmier was born on January 4, 1928 in Loveland, Colorado. She lived with her family on a farm near Loveland until moving to Greeley in 1953. She worked for Kodak for many years and was a member of the First Congregational Church in Loveland.