South Coyote Jct. LLC Duplex - 2417/2419 9th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - N/A
Style - No Style
Built Year - 1971
State ID - 5WL4947

Description - Built in 1971, the duplex dwelling at 2417/2419 measures 24' N-S by 60' E-W. The single-story wood frame building is set well back from the street, and it is situated so that its fa├žade faces south, or away from the street. The building is supported by a low concrete foundation, and its exterior walls are clad with a combination of manufactured vertical wood siding and wood shingle siding. The siding is very pale grey, or almost white, in color. The gabled roof is low-pitched, is covered with brown asphalt composition shingles, and its eaves are boxed with an extended overhang. The building's windows are symmetrically arranged. There are four 1x1 horizontal sliding windows on the south elevation, and four 1x1 horizontal sliding windows on the opposite north elevation. Single 1/1 double-hung sash windows penetrate the east and west (end) elevations. The windows are set in metal frames, and have painted white wood surrounds. Two painted white wood-paneled front entry doors, each with one upper sash light, and each covered by a silver metal storm door, are respectively located at either end of the north elevation. These doors lead into the building from 4' by 5' carpeted concrete stoops. Two rear entry doors, each covered by a white metal storm door, are respectively located near either end of the south elevation. These doors also lead into the house from 4' by 4' concrete stoops.

Historical Background - Greeley city directories indicate that this property was first developed circa 1947 with the construction of a single-family house. The original house was circa 1970, and replaced by the extant duplex dwellings in 1971. Residents of the original house included: Ralph a. and Mary Davis (late 1940s); Minnie Windscheffel (early 1950s); Alex Crane (late 1950s); Mrs. Christine Hunt and Raymond Seider (early 1960s); Mrs. Alice A. Large and R.M. Andrews (mid-1960s); and Raymond L. Swanson (late 1960s). Ralph and Mary David were likely the original house's first owners. According to the 1948 Greeley city directory, Mr. Davis was the proprietor of Davis' Harness and Shoe Repair Shop. Built in 1971, the extant duplex dwelling has served as a rental from that time to the present (2006). During some years, city directories simply list its occupants as "student housing." The property is presently owned by South Coyote Jct. LLC.