Buschbach House - 2439 9th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - Zybach House
Style - Ranch Type
Built Year - 1957
State ID - 5WL4952

Description - The house at 2439 9th Avenue in Greeley measures 36 feet N-S (across) by 24 feet E-W (deep), not including a modest gabled addition to the west (rear) elevation which was built onto the original dwelling in 2002. The single story wood frame residence is supported by a low concrete foundation, and the foundation wall is penetrated at intervals by 1x1 horizontal sliding basement windows. The house's exterior walls are clad with white horizontal aluminum siding. The side-gabled roof is moderately pitched, and is covered with green asphalt composition shingles. The eaves are boxed with painted green and white wood trim. There is no chimney. The house's façade fronts toward 9th Avenue on the east elevation. A single-light fixed-pane window, flanked on either side by a narrow single-light casement window, penetrates the façade wall to the south of the entry door. Another single-light fixed-pane window, flanked by one single-light casement window, penetrates the façade wall to the north and the entry door. Two small single-light fixed-pane windows, flanked by two small single-light casement windows, penetrate the north elevation wall. Windows on the south elevation include a large single-light fixed-pane window, flanked by a single-light casement window, and a set of paired single-light casement windows. All of the home's windows are set in metal frames with painted wood surrounds. A stained natural brown solid wood door, covered by a 4-step concrete porch on the façade. The porch measures 6 feet by 5 feet, and is flanked by black wrought iron railings. The porch is partially covered by the overhang of the roof eave. The modest rear addition (built in 2002) measures approximately 10 feet by 10 feet. A white metal-paneled door, with nine upper sash lights, leads into the addition from a 3-step wood deck on the west elevation.

Historical Background - The First Addition to the Arlington Park Subdivision, where this house is located, was platted in October 1909 by the Colorado Mortgage and Investment Company and J.M.B. Petrikin. Comprising fifteen city blocks located generally south of the original (1906 platted) Arlington Park subdivision, this neighborhood was not intensively developed until after World War II. This house at 2439 9th Avenue was built in 1957, and was initially owned and occupied by the Eddie G. and Edna L. Zybach family through circa 1966. Eddie and Edna (Raines) Zybach moved to this location from Strasburg, Colorado in 1958, taking up residence in this newly-built Arlington Park neighborhood home. The Zybachs had at least one daughter, Sharon, who was born in Strasburg in March 1947. According to Greeley city directories, by 1968, the property had been acquired by Fred F. Stull; however, Sharon Zybach was still listed as a resident here in the 1970 city directory. Sharon had graduated from high school in 1965, and continued to live in Greeley during her adult life. She passed away in January 19994 at the age of 46. More recent owners and residents of this property include: Charles Johnson (early 1970s); Robert E. Cline (mid-1970s); Don Foster (late 1970s - mid-1980s); Harry Chapel and Jim Risser (late 1980s); Debra B. Pfalzgraff and Joan Pfalzgraff (early-to-mid 1990s); and Robin Shanley (late 1990s). Greeley city directories indicate that the property may have been vacant for a time between circa 1998 and 2002. The property is presently owned by Daniel L. Buschbach of Englewood. He has maintained it as a rental for the past several years.