Sedillos House - 2417 10th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - Staab House; Martin House
Style - Ranch Type
Built Year - 1949
State ID - 5WL4956

Description - This Ranch style house at 2417 10th Avenue consists of: the original hipped-roof section which measures 36' N-S (across) by 22' E-W (deep); a 24' by 8' shed-roofed front porch; a large shed-roofed addition to the west elevations; and a 14' by 22' former garage which forms the northwest rear corner. Originally detached, the garage is now connected to the house by the addition, and has been converted to living space. This house is supported by a low painted grey concrete foundation. The lower façade wall (east elevation) is clad with a brick veneer, while the upper façade wall surface is stuccoed white with painted grey 1" by 4" false half timbering. Exterior walls on the north, south, and west elevations are clad with painted white vertical wood siding with painted grey false half timbering. The hipped roof is covered with brown asphalt composition shingles, and the widely-overhanging eaves are boxed with painted white wood trim. A set of paired 4/4 double-hung sash windows is located at the north end of the façade, and there is a single 4/4 double-hung sash window around the corner at the far east end of the north elevation. This window pattern is then repeated at the south end of the façade and around the corner at the east end of the south elevation. A non-historic white metal-paneled door, with an oval-shaped leaded glass light, and covered by a black metal security door, is located on the façade. This door enters into the house from a 24' by 8' front porch. The distinctive porch features a pebbled concrete floor, brick pillars, and a shed roof. A very large, non-historic brick fireplace chimney is located on the former detached garage's east elevation where the garage door was previously located. A gabled carport, of wood construction, extends over the concrete driveway which extends from the curb on 10th Avenue toward the formerly detached garage. The carport is northeast of the house's front northeast corner.

Historical Background - According to Weld County Assessor records, this house was built in 1949. Greeley city directories list Alex L. Staab as the home's first occupant in 1950; however, the directories then indicate that Charles H. and Alta A. (McMurdo) Martin lived and owned here from 1952 to circa 1980. Charles H. Martin was born at Walnut, Kansas on August 11, 1897, the son of Charles W. and Roy (sp?) (Hammer) Martin. Charles grew up in Walnut, and on November 16, 1935, he married Alta A. McMurdo in Kansas City. As a young man, Charles worked for the Union Pacific Railroad, in Walnut, Parsons, and Caney, Kansas. He then worked as a deliveryman for the 7-Up Bottling Company in Kansas City, and as a machinist with Turner Machinery. Charles and Alta moved to Weiser, Idaho in 1944, where he again took up employment with the Union Pacific, this time working in the round house at Huntington, Oregon. The Martins then moved to Greeley in 1948, and by 1952, they had purchased and moved into this house on 10th Avenue. In Greeley, Charles was employed as a carpenter at the University of Northern Colorado until his retirement. Alta Martin passed away on February 9, 1975. Charles continued to live on in the house until shortly before his own death on August 3, 1984, at the age of 86. Following the Martins long tenure, the only other owner/resident of this property has been the Sedillos family. Members of this family, including Joe Sedillos, Jr., and Ofelia and Gloria Sedillos, have lived and owned here from circa 1980 to the present (2004).