Herren House - 2410 10th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - Herren House
Style - Modern Movements/Minimal Traditional
Built Year - 1935
State ID - 5WL4963

Description - This house consists of an L-shaped (nearly rectangular) cross-gabled dwelling, which was reportedly moved to this location circa 1950, with a rear kitchen addition built onto the east elevation in 1981. The original dwelling measures 30' N-S (across) by 28' E-W, while the kitchen addition measures approximately 30' N-S by 14' E-W. The house is supported by a low concrete foundation, while its exterior walls are clad with yellow horizontal vinyl siding, over wood frame construction. The cross gabled roof is covered with brown asphalt composition shingles, and the eaves are closed. A single-light fixed-pane picture window, flanked on either side by a narrow 1/1 double-hung sash window, penetrates the façade wall to the south of the entry door. A small double-hung sash window, covered by a metal awning, penetrates the façade wall to the north of the entry door. Windows elsewhere on the home are a combination of double-hung sash and awning type windows. The front door is covered by a black metal security door, and opens onto a shed-roofed front patio with an open railing. A carport extends from the patio, over the concrete driveway on the house's south side. A rear entry door leads into the house from a shed-roofed rear patio which extends across the full length of the east elevation.

Historical Background - Leslie Herren, who has owned and lived in this house with her husband Jim Herren since 1977, reported that this house was moved to this location from an area farm in 1950. Weld County Assessor records list 1935 as the house's original date of construction, and reportedly it was originally used as a caretaker's residence. The house was moved to this site by Lloyd Herren (Jim's father), who then lived and owned here until he passed away in the early 1970s. The elder Mr. Herren was principal in the Herren and Strong Construction Company, based in Platteville, which specialized in highway construction projects. Jim Herren grew up in the house, and took over its ownership when his father, Lloyd, passed away. Jim also followed in his father's footsteps in that he too worked in the highway construction business. Jim and Leslie Herren were married in 1977, and they have lived and owned here together from that time to the present (2006). Born in 1935, Mrs. Herren came to Greeley at a young age, from Virginia, where her father had served in the United States Navy. She then grew up in Greeley in a house at 8th Avenue and 20th Street. During her adult life, Mrs. Heren has worked as a secretary for State Farm Insurance, for Safeway Stores, and for an architectural firm in downtown Greeley.