Wiegand House - 2432 10th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - Rouse House
Style - No Style
Built Year - 1947
State ID - 5WL4969

Description - This modest single-story dwelling is supported by a low concrete foundation, and its exterior walls are clad with painted white stucco, with painted white, wide, horizontal Masonite type siding in the upper gable ends on the north and south elevations. The house is covered by a moderately-pitched side-gabled roof, with brown asphalt shingles, and with minimally-overhanging painted grey boxed eaves. There is no chimney. Two large 1x1 horizontal sliding windows, with metal frames, decorative wood shutters, and metal awnings, are located on either side of the entry door on the symmetrical façade. One 1x1 horizontal sliding window, and one single-light casement window, both with painted white brick rowlock sills, are located on the south elevation. Three 1x1 horizontal sliding windows, with metal frames and painted white brick rowlock sills, penetrate the north elevation. A painted white solid wood door, with a silver aluminum storm door, enters the center of the façade from an uncovered 2-step, 5' by 4', concrete porch. A painted white solid wood door, with silver aluminum storm door, enters into the home's east (rear) elevation from 4-step, 4' by 4', concrete porch with a black wrought iron railing.

Historical Background - Weld County Assessor records indicate that this house was built in 1947, while Greeley city directories reveal that it was initially owned and occupied by the Cleo L. Rouse family, until circa 1956. Subsequent city directory listings indicate that the house has been alternately owner-occupied, and maintained as a rental throughout its history. Following the Rouse family, the property was successively occupied by Ronald Dodge, Henry W. Hansen, and J.E. Lane, between circa 1957 and 1968. The Mary R. Rosenquist family then lived and owned here in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The property then became a rental in the early 1970s, when it was owned by Elwyn Johnson who lived next door at 2438 10th Avenue. Ethel K. and Kenneth R. Kast then lived in and owned the house between circa 1975 and 1983. Lisa and Nancy Throndson were the next owner-occupants, in the mid-1980s, before the property apparently again became a rental.