Johnson House - 2438 10th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - Thompson House; Johnson House
Style - Hipped-Roof Box
Built Year - 1930
State ID - 5WL4970

Description - The Hipped-roof Box type dwelling at 2438 10th Avenue is composed of: a main truncated hipped-roof section, which measures 26' N-S (across) by 27' E-W (deep); an enclosed, low-pitched hipped-roof front porch, which measures 22' N-S by 7' E-W; and a low-pitched hipped-roof extension to the east (rear) elevation, which measures 26' N-S by 8' E-W. The dwelling is supported by an unpainted concrete foundation, penetrated at intervals by 2-light hopper basement windows. The home's exterior walls are clad with white horizontal vinyl siding, while the roof is covered with green asphalt composition shingles. The eaves are boxed, with painted white wood trim, and there is a red brick chimney located on the roof ridge. The home's windows are predominately single and paired 1/1 double-hung sash, with painted white wood frames and surrounds, although the enclosed front entry porch, on the west elevation, features 1x1 horizontal siding windows. A stained natural brown solid wood door, covered by a black metal security door, enters the enclosed front porch from a 4' by 4', 3-step, concrete stoop with a black wrought iron railing. A wood-paneled door, with three upper sash lights, covered by a painted white wood storm door, enters the house on the south end of the east (rear) elevation. A 22' by 7' concrete patio, covered by a shed roof with black wrought iron supports, extends from the east elevation.

Historical Background - Weld County Assessor records list 1930 as this house's year of construction; however, little is known about its history prior to 1950. Greeley city directories indicate that in the early 1950s, this property was owned and occupied by John H. Thompson. Born in Dallas County, Missouri on March 5, 1907, John Henry Thompson was the son of Richard D. and Myrtle (Morrow) Thompson. He moved to Greeley with his family in 1919, and after coming of age, he was married to M. Betheen Hight, in Greeley on April 11, 1936. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson had one daughter, Bessie (Braesch). Mr. Thompson was the owner /operator of a service station in Greeley, and he also operated a used car lot for thirty-seven years, before he retired in 1973. He passed away in Greeley on May 9, 1986, at the age of 79. He was survived by his wife and daughter, and other relatives. Greeley city directories indicate that by 1956, this house had become the residence of Elwyn and Adelia Johnson. Now owned by their son Terry Johnson, the property has been owned and occupied by members of the Johnson family from that time to the present (2006). Elwyn A. Johnson was born at Polk, Nebraska, on October 23, 1911, the son of Joe S. and Minnie Ann (Anderson-Benson) Johnson. He and Adelia (maiden name unknown) were married in Nebraska on February 24, 1937. the Johnsons lived in Nebraska until 1954 when they moved to Greeley. Mr. Johnson worked in the housing construction business until 1966 when he went to work for the Greeley School District No. 6. He retired in 1977, and a decade later, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary. Mr. Johnson passed away in Greeley on April 20, 1989. He was survived by his wife, Adelia, and by three sons, Leon L., Gail R., and Terry L. Johnson.