Moreno House - 2440 10th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - Gordon House; Schick House; Deuel House
Style - Modern Movements/Minimal Traditional
Built Year - 1946
State ID - 5WL4971

Description - This single-story wood frame dwelling features an L-shaped (nearly rectangular) cross gabled plan, which overall measures 30' N-S (across) by 25' E-W (deep). The house is supported by a low unpainted concrete foundation, and its exterior walls are clad with painted green, wide, horizontal wood siding, with painted white 1" by 4" corner boards. Painted white stucco appears in the upper gable ends of the north, south, and west elevations, however. The house's cross-gabled roof is low-pitched, and is covered with asphalt composition shingles. The minimally-overhanging eaves are boxed, with painted white wood trim. A band of three 6-light casement windows penetrate the façade (west elevation) wall to the south of the entry porch. Two single 1/1 double-hung sash windows penetrate the façade wall, to the north of the entry porch. Elsewhere, the home's windows are also primarily 1/1 double-hung sash, with painted white wood frames and surrounds. A painted white wood-paneled entry door, with four small upper sash lights, and covered by a brown metal storm door, is located on the façade. This door enters the dwelling from a 2-step, 4' by 4' shed-roofed front porch. Another painted white wood-paneled entry door, with four upper sash lights, and covered by a black wrought iron security door, enters the dwelling's north (side) elevation from a concrete driveway.

Historical Background - Weld County Assessor records indicate that this house was built in 1946, while Greeley city directories indicate that it was initially occupied by Ralph J. and Clema Lee Gordon. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon lived here between circa 1948 and 1953; however, it is unclear whether or not they actually owned the property. Mr. Gordon was employed at Ricketts Service Station in 1948, according to that year's city directory. The house was next owned and occupied by Mrs. Ruth Schick between circa 1954 and the early 1960s. During some of these years, Mrs. Fannie Deuel and Mrs. Ruth Schick are both listed at this address. An elderly widow, Mrs. Deuel was perhaps a boarder, or there was perhaps a family relationship between the two women. Fannie Deuel was born at Long Island, Kansas on April 1, 1890, the daughter of Samuel N. and Cerellda Tubbs. She grew up in Harrison, Nebraska, where she was married to Ernest Deuel on May 29, 1910. A teacher, Mrs. Deuel had attended Overland College at Overland, Kansas, the Normal School at Chadron, Nebraska, and the University of Nebraska at Lincoln where she received her teaching certificate in 1905. Mr. and Mrs. Deuel came to Greeley in 1938. They then operated Roy's Nursery, located near the Great Western Sugar Factory, between 1945 and 1954, when Mr. Deuel passed away. Mrs. Deuel passed away on October 16, 1984 at the age of ninety-four. The Deuels apparently had no children. This house was owner-occupied by Peter Mirich, circa 1963-1964; however, from the mid-1960s to 2001, it served primarily as a rental property. It was owned by Clift Realty during the early 1980s. Numerous short-term tenants have lived here over the years, probably including several who were students at the University of Northern Colorado. From 2001 to the present (2006), the house has been owner-occupied by the Manuel Moreno family. Mr. Moreno is employed with the City of Greeley Recreation Department.