Hinojos House - 2444 10th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - Harreld House; Dumler House
Style - Modern Movements/Minimal Traditional
Built Year - 1946
State ID - 5WL4972

Description - The residence at 2444 10th Avenue is composed of the original L-shaped (nearly rectangular) dwelling, which overall measures 30' N-S (across) by 25' E-W (deep), and a 12' N-S by 16' E-W, 1993 gabled addition to the north end of the east (rear) elevation. The original house is supported by a low concrete foundation, and its exterior walls are clad with yellow horizontal aluminum siding. The main roof form is hipped; however, there is an intersecting gable at the south end of the west elevation (façade). The roof is low-pitched, is covered with grey asphalt composition shingles, and has boxed eaves with painted white wood trim. A red brick chimney is located on the ridge, at the intersection of the hipped and gabled roofs. A single-light fixed-pane picture window penetrates the façade wall to the north of the entry porch. Elsewhere, the home's windows are predominantly single 1/1 double-hung sash with painted wood frames and surrounds. The front entry door is covered by a white synthetic storm door, and enters the dwelling from a 4' by 4' concrete porch on the façade. The porch is covered by an extended overhang of the roof eave. A side entry door, located on the south elevation, is also covered by a white synthetic storm door, and enters the dwelling from a 12' by 17' concrete patio. This patio is covered by a fiberglass awning with black wrought iron supports. A 1x1 horizontal sliding glass bypass door enters the 1993 addition near the north end of the east (rear) elevation.

Historical Background - Weld County Assessor records provide information that this house was built in 1947, while Greeley city directories indicate that it was originally occupied by Floyd and Joanne Harreld. The 1948 city directory lists Floyd's occupation as "farm laborer"; however, it is unclear whether or not they actually owned the property. Between circa 1951 and 1956, the house was owned and occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Victor Dumler and family. According to his obituary, published in the Greeley Tribune, Victor Dumler was born in Windsor on May 10, 1910, and lived in the Greeley-Windsor area his entire life. He was employed as a meter repairman by the Greeley Gas Company for twenty-five years. Mr. Dumler passed away in Greeley on August 26, 1975, at the age of 65. He was survived by his four children - sons Jack and Michael, and daughters Carolyn (Leek) and Teresa (Montgomery). City directories indicate that his property was primarily utilized as a rental from the late 1950s to the early 1980s, and that during the early 1970s, the "Wishing Well Day Nursery" was located here. This enterprise was operated by Kenneth D. and Nancy J. Crowder. Absentee owners of the property over the years included: Orville Trainer (late 1960s); Robert Sandau (early 1970s); and Richard Frye (late 1970s - early 1980s). From the early 1980s to the present (2006), the property has been occupied by Samuel Hinojosa family. The Hinojosas rented the house for a few years before purchasing in 1988. Presently retired, Samuel previously worked as a heavy equipment operator, as a concrete laborer, and in other facets of the construction trade. His wife currently works in supply distribution at the Northern Colorado Medical Center. The Hinojosas have two grown children.