Wagner House - 2411 10th Avenue Court

 Print Listing Historical Name - Beach House; Netz House
Style - Ranch Type
Built Year - 1948
State ID - 5WL4975

Description - The residence at 2411 10th Avenue consists of: the original side-gabled dwelling which measures 30' N-S (across) by 24' E-W (deep); an original attached garage, which measures 14' N-S by 20' E-W, at the west end of the south elevation; and a 12' by 12' extension built onto the south end of the house's west (rear) elevation. The house is supported by a low unpainted concrete foundation, while its exterior walls are clad with white undulated asphalt shingles siding, with painted green vertical wood siding in the upper gable ends. The house's side-gabled roof is covered with grey asphalt shingles, and the minimally-overhanging eaves are boxed with painted white wood trim. A single-light fixed-pane picture window, with flanking painted green wood shutters, penetrates the façade wall to the south of the entry door on the east elevation. Elsewhere, the home's windows are primarily single 2/2 double hung sash, with painted white wood frames and surrounds. The windows also feature painted green decorative wood shutters and exterior metal storm windows. A painted green solid wood door, with three stepped upper sash lights, and covered by a white metal storm door enters the house on the façade. This door leads into the house from a 6' by 4' concrete porch, covered by a metal hood supported by two 4" by 4" wood posts. A rear entry door, covered by a white synthetic storm door, enters the dwelling on the west elevation. The attached garage is supported by a concrete slab foundation, and it is covered by a flat (or nearly flat) roof. The garage walls are finished with the same asphalt shingle siding as the house. A white metal-paneled roll-away garage door, on the garage's east elevation, opens onto a concrete driveway which extends to 10th Avenue Court to the east. A fixed-pane window penetrates the garage's south wall.

Historical Background - Weld County Assessor records reveal that this house was built in 1948, while Greeley city directories indicate that it was initially owned and occupied by the Otis W. Beach family through the mid-1950s. Subsequent city directories reveal that the house was next owned and occupied by Theodore and Naomi (Benson) Netz, between circa 1955 and the mid-1980s. Theodore Netz was born at Irving, Kansas on May 30, 1899, the son of William Henry and Anna Florence (Reid) Netz. He grew up in Cleburne, Kansas, and on June 1, 1920, he was married to Naomi Benson in Manhattan, Kansas. The Netz family, including Theodore and Naomi, and daughters Doris and Lorene, moved to Greeley in 1934. Mr. Netz worked as a mechanic at the Weld County Garage for many years, while socially he was also an active member of the Elks Club and Woodman of the World. After enjoying a long retirement, Mr. Netz passed away in Greeley on November 21, 1991 at the age of ninety-two. Mrs. Netz died previously at an unknown date. Following the long tenure of the Netz family, this house was briefly occupied by R.V.L. Fletcher, circa 1987. The residence then apparently became a rental in the early-to-mid 1990s, before it was again owner-occupied, by Leigh Stromberger, in the late 1990s. As of August 2005, the house was owned by Linda Kay Wagner; however, at that time it was being offered for sale by New Horizons Realty.