Babkes House - 2429 10th Avenue Court

 Print Listing Historical Name - Beaver House; Wilson House
Style - Ranch Type
Built Year - 1949
State ID - 5WL4979

Description - The modest wood frame residence at 2429 10th Avenue Court features a basic rectangular plan which measures 32' N-S (across) by 22' E-W (deep). The single story dwelling is supported by a low painted green concrete foundation, and its exterior walls are clad with pale beige color horizontal aluminum siding. The house is covered by a low-pitched hipped roof, covered with grey asphalt composition shingles, and with boxed eaves with painted green wood trim. There is no chimney. The home's windows are entirely 2/2 double-hung sash, with painted brown wood frames, painted green wood surrounds, and decorative painted green wood shutters. A painted green wood-paneled front door, with two small upper sash lights, and covered by a green storm door, is located on the fa├žade (east elevation). This door leads into the house from a 2-step, 6' by 4', porch. The porch has a concrete floor, and is covered by low-pitched hipped roof, supported by four slender wood posts. A painted green wood-paneled door, with three horizontal upper sash lights is located at the east end of the south (side) elevation. This door leads into the house from a 3-step, 4' by 4", concrete porch with a black wrought iron railing.

Historical Background - Weld County Assessor records indicate that this house was built in 1949, while Greeley city directories indicate that it was initially owned by the Willard Beaver family through the mid-1950s. Other early owners and residents included: V.M. Wickman, and family, (late 1950s); and the William R. Ramsey family (early 1960s). In 1963, this home was purchased as a retirement residence by Alva J. and Zella Wilson, and it then remained with the Wilson family through the late 1980s. Alva Wilson had been born at Deepwater, Missouri on June 1, 1898, the son of Edward and Margaret Ann (Rupp) Wilson. Alva grew up in the Show Me State, and on December 24, 1922 he was wed to Zella Cecil at Deepwater. The Wilsons lived in Missouri until 1930 when they moved to Galeton, Colorado. They then farmed in the Galeton area until 1948 when they moved to Greeley. Alva then worked as a custodian at the University of Northern Colorado until he retired in 1963. He and Zella moved into this house on 10th Avenue Court that same year. In the intervening years, they had reared a family o four daughters, and two sons, named Mildred, Letha, Mary Ann, Lorene, Lindsey, and Wilbur. Alva Wilson passed away on May 26, 1982, from injuries sustained in an automobile accident. He was 83 years of age. Zella continued to live in this house until the late 1980s, before she apparently moved away. City directories indicate that this property has been utilized as a rental during the 1990s and early 2000s. Residents during these years have included Bob Lucero, Rudy Kaicich, and Jason Libhart. From 2002 to 2005, the property has been owned by Megan L. Babkes of Greeley.