Diaz House - 2439 10th Avenue Court

 Print Listing Historical Name - Stow House
Style - Ranch Type
Built Year - 1949
State ID - 5WL4981

Description - The modest wood frame residence at 2439 10th Avenue Court features a basic rectangular plan which measures 32' N-S (across) by 22' E-W (deep). The single story dwelling is supported by a low painted grey concrete foundation, and its exterior walls are clad with pale grey color horizontal vinyl siding. The house is covered by a low-pitched hipped roof, covered with grey asphalt composition singles, and with white boxed metal or vinyl eaves. There is no chimney. The home's windows are entirely 2/2 double-hung sash, with painted whitewood frames and surrounds, and with decorative painted white wood shutters. A stained natural brown solid wood front door, with a small diamond-shaped upper sash light, and covered by a white synthetic storm door, is located on the fa├žade (east elevation). This door leads into the house from a 2-step, 6' by 4' porch. The porch has a concrete floor, and is covered by a low-pitched hipped roof, supported by two painted white 4" by 4" wood posts. A painted white wood-paneled door, with one upper sash light, and covered by a white synthetic storm door, is located at the east end of the south (side) elevation. This door leads into the house from a small 2-step concrete porch with a black wrought iron railing.

Historical Background - Weld County Assessor records indicate that this modest Ranch style dwelling, with a detached garage, was built in 1949, while Greeley city directories reveal that the property has been owned by just two families throughout its fifty-seven year history. For more than fifty years, in fact, from the early 1950s to the early 2000s, this property was home of G. Howard and S. Shirley Stow. Mr. and Mrs. Stow lived here in the 1950s and early 1960s with their daughter, Debra, who had been born in Greeley on April 13, 2945. They then continued to live here during their retirement years before moving to the Windsor area circa 2002. S. Shirley (Kaloch) Stow had been born in Denver on January 20, 1920, the daughter of Sam and Anne (Richtol) Kaloch. She married to G. Howard Stow in Denver on January 1, 1939, and they moved to Greeley in 1942. Mrs. Stow worked in Greeley as division clerk for Chief Judge Robert A. Behrman of the 19th Judicial District. After coming of age, the Stows' daughter, Debra, lived in Phoenix, Arizona, Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Portland, Oregon, before returning to Colorado in 1980 to live in Boulder. Between 1982 and 1986, Debra was employed as an environmental services coordinator at the Boulder Community Health Hospital. She passed on December 24, 2996, at the relatively young age of 51. Debra's mother, S. Shirley Stow died on December 17, 2005 at the age of 85. From 2003 to 2006 this property has been owned and occupied by the Lucila Diaz family. The Diaz family, including Lucila's father, Jose Luis Diaz, came to Greeley from Guadalajara, Mexico in the late 1990s. Mrs. Diaz is currently employed at the Bonell Care Center in Greeley.