Nelson House - 2410 10th Avenue Court

 Print Listing Historical Name - Carlson House; Ritchey House; Richardson House
Style - Modern Movements/Minimal Traditional
Built Year - 1946
State ID - 5WL4990

Description - This modest single-story wood frame dwelling measures 26' N-S (across) by 26' E-W (across). The house is supported by a low painted beige concrete foundation, and its exterior walls are clad with beige color horizontal vinyl siding. The dwelling is covered by a low-pitched front gable roof, covered with brown asphalt composition shingles, and with boxed eaves. There is no chimney. The home's windows are entirely single and paired 1/1 double-hung sash, with painted wood frames, vinyl surrounds, and metal storm windows. A painted white wood-paneled front door, with a fanlight, and covered by a white synthetic storm door, is centered on the faƧade (west elevation). This door leads into the house from a 6' by 6', 4-step, concrete porch. The porch floor is carpeted, and the porch and steps are flanked by black wrought iron railings. Another entry door, covered by a silver metal storm door, enters the house at the east end of the south (side) elevation. This entry is covered by a gabled hood with knee brace supports.

Historical Background - This house was built in 1946 as part of a post-World War II real estate development in the Arlington Park Neighborhood by the Wheeler Realty Company. According to Greeley city directories, the house was initially owned by A.B. Carlson beginning in 1949 or 1950. The house has had numerous owners and occupants from that time to the present. As listed in the directories, in addition to Carlson, some of the residents include: John M. Warner (circa 1952); Robert Ritchey (circa 1954); L.L. Richardson (late 1950s); Nichols DiGiallanardo (early-to-mid-1950s); Inez Unruh (circa 1970); Ruth Rouse (circa 1973); Sharon Moody (mid-1970s to early 1980s); Kim Olsen (circa 1984); A.J. Trader (circa 1990); and Sara Jantz (circa 2002). Among these individuals, Robert Richey, L.L. Richardson, Nichols DiGiallanardo, and Inez Unruh are listed as having owned the property. The others were apparently all renters. Michael L. and Nicole Nelson are the current owners. They have lived here since July 2003.