Forster House - 2404 11th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - Lebsack House; Conger House
Style - Other Style
Built Year - 1950
State ID - 5WL4993

Description - The residence at 2404 11th Avenue consists of a wood frame dwelling which measures 32' N-S (across) by 22" E-W (deep) and an attached garage at the north end of the dwelling which measures 15' N-S by 24' E-W. The house and garage are supported by a low unpainted concrete foundation, and the exterior walls are clad with wide beige color horizontal aluminum siding. The building is covered by low-pitched intersecting hipped roofs, with grey asphalt shingles and with boxed eaves. A single-light fixed-pane picture window, covered by a fiberglass awning, penetrates the south end of the façade wall on the west elevation. Elsewhere, the home's windows are 2/2 double-hung sash, with painted tan wood frames and surrounds and with decorative wood shutters. A painted white wood-paneled front door, with two small upper sash lights, and with a silver metal storm door, leads into the house from a 2-step concrete front porch. The porch is covered by a hipped roof with black wrought iron knee brace supports. A 16' by 7' concrete patio, covered by a fiberglass awning with black wrought iron supports, and with a sandstone block knee wall, extends along the façade wall to the north of the entry porch. A rear entry door leads into the east elevation from beneath a 20' by 10' patio. This patio features a painted white wood railing, and is covered by a shed roof with wrought iron supports. A tan color metal roll-away garage door penetrates the garage wall at the north end of the façade. This door opens onto a concrete driveway which extends to 11th Avenue to the west. The north and east elevation garage walls are penetrated by 9-light windows with painted tan wood frames and surrounds, and with decorative wood shutters.

Historical Background - Weld County Assessor records indicate that this house was built in 1950. Arthur Lebsack, who is listed at this address in Greeley city directories through 1956, was probably the original owner. City directories further indicate that the R.E. Nuss family owned and lived here in the late 1950s, followed by Joe C. Conger and wife between circa 1960 and 1970. More recent city directories indicate that the property has primarily served as a rental from the early 1970s to present (2006). Weld County Assessor records indicate that present owners Donald and Pamela Forster have held the property since March 1991. Mr. and Mrs. Forster live in Briggsdale, while maintaining this property as a rental. For the most part, the house has been rented by students attending nearby University of Northern Colorado. Some of these tenants have included: Gary W. Edgar (early 1970s); Mark Caldwell (late 1980s); Grant Beauprez (1994); Cindy Goertzen (1998), and Rodney Murrain (2002).