Preshaw House - 2420 11th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - Hindman House
Style - Ranch Type
Built Year - 1950
State ID - 5WL4995

Description - The modest single-story Ranch style house at 2420 11th Avenue is composed of the original dwelling and a former attached garage which was converted to living space in 1974. The building's façade fronts toward 11th Avenue on the west elevation. The original portion of the dwelling measures 32' N-S (across) by 22' E-W (deep), while the former garage portion measures 15' N-S by 24' E-W. The building is supported by a low painted yellow concrete foundation, and its exterior walls are clad with painted yellow horizontal wood siding. The house's side-gabled roof is moderately-pitched, and is covered with brown asphalt composition shingles. The eaves are boxed, with painted white wood trim, although, with a minimal overhang. There is no chimney. A single-light fixed frame picture window penetrates the façade wall to the north of the entry door. A non-historic three-part horizontal sliding window penetrates the south end of the façade wall where the garage door for the attached garage was located prior to 1974. A fixed-pane octagon window and a 2/2 double-hung sash window also penetrate the façade wall, to the south of the entry porch. Otherwise, the home's windows are predominantly 2/2 double-hung sash with painted wood frames and surrounds. A white metal-paneled front door, covered by a white metal storm door, enters into the façade from a 2-step, 6' by 4' concrete porch. The porch is covered by a gabled roof, supported by four painted yellow 4" by 4" wood posts. A white paneled entry door leads into the rear of the former attached garage, near the south end of the east (rear) elevation.

Historical Background - Weld County Assessor records reveal that this house was built in 1950. Greeley city directories, meanwhile, indicate that Otto A. Hindman was probably the original owner. Otto and Wilma (Flohr(Hidman - who had married in 1945 - lived and owned here with their two children for about a decade, from the early 1950s to the early 1960s. City directories indicate the property then became the residence of Jim Hess, circa 1963. It was then next acquired by David L. Overstreet, who lived here between circa 1965 and 1967. Fred Kjar lived in the house briefly in the late 1960s, before it was purchased by Kenneth E. Miller. From the 1970s to the present (2006) the house has for the most part served as a rental property. Kenneth Miller evidently owned the property in the early 1970s, but apparently lived here for only a year or so. Later owners include Juan Trujillo (circa 1981), and Bentner and Langenberg (circa 1983). Richard S. Preshaw, the current owner, has held the property since September 2004, according to Weld County Assessor files. Tenants from the 1970s to the present have included Theodore Sierra, James Bethell, Brian Wright, Timothy Butler, Rebecca Kuhl, Ben Hobgood and Derrick Stegall.