2436 11th Avenue Land Trust House - 2436 11th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - Geiser House; Trembath House
Style - No Style
Built Year - 1950
State ID - 5WL4998

Description - The modest single-story wood frame dwelling at 2436 11th Avenue measures 30' N-S (across) by 24' E-(deep). It is supported by a low painted white concrete foundation, and there is evidently a basement level as the foundation wall is penetrated by single-light awing type windows. The house's exterior walls are clad with painted mint green horizontal wood siding, with vertical wood siding in the upper gable ends. The dwelling is covered by a low-pitched cross-gabled roof, with grey asphalt composition shingles, and with boxed eaves. There is no chimney. Windows on the west elevation (façade) include: a single-light fixed-pane window, flanked on either side by a single-light casement window, to the south of the entry porch; and a set of paired 2/2 double-hung sash windows to the north of the entry porch. Two 2/2 double-hung sash windows penetrate the north elevation. A set of paired 1/1 double-hung sash windows penetrate the south elevation. The east (rear) elevation is penetrated by one 1/1 double-hung sash window, and one (probably non-historic) 2-light casement window. All of the home's windows feature painted white wood frames and surrounds, and non-historic white synthetic storm windows. A painted white wood-paneled entry door, with four small upper sash lights, and covered by a white metal storm door, is located on the façade. This door leads into the house from a 2-step, 6' by 4' concrete porch which is partially covered by the extended overhang of the roof eave. A white metal-paneled entry door is located at the east end of the south (side) elevation. This door leads into the house from an uncovered 4' by 4' concrete stoop.

Historical Background - Weld County Assessor records indicate that this house was built in 1950. Robert Geiser, who is listed at this address in the 1952 Greeley city directory, may have been the original owner. According to his obituary, published in the Greeley Tribune on June 15, 1996, Robert L.W. Geiser was born in Greeley on February 12, 1915, the son of Paul and Mary Elizabeth (Waite) Geiser. He grew up in Greeley, and was married to Carol Cheatwood on October 30, 1949. The Geisers had three daughters - Roberta "Bobbie" (Miller), LaVonne (Trenary), and Barbara (Beck), and one son, Terry Geiser. Mr. Geiser worked as an electrician in Greeley for more than fifty years. He passed away on June 12, 1996 at the age of 81. William J. and Rose (Schultz) Trembath were the property's next owners and residents in the mid-1950s. According to his obituary, William J. "Bill" Trembath was born at Sutter Creek, California on August 6, 1905, the son of Richard and Sarah (Penrose) Trembath. He and Rose were married in Greeley on June 17, 1953, and soon afterwards moved into this house. Mr. Trembath worked as a farmer, and later as a mechanic for Riggi Oil Company. After living in Greeley for a time, the Trembaths moved to Brush, and then later to Brighton, circa 1980. Mr. Trembath passed away in Brighton on April 5, 1987 at the age of 81. He was survived by his wife, Rose, four daughters - Dorothy (Baker), Margaret (Arnold), Elsie (Allee), and Linda (Romero), and two sons - Ernest and Charles. He was also survived by three step daughters and two step sons - Mildred (Lewis), Irene (Rust), Iris (Groves), Daryl (Schultz) and Dwayne (Schultz). City directories indicate that from the 1960s to the present (2006), the house has served primarily as a rental. It has been home to a series of relatively short-term tenants over the years, probably including many who were students at the nearby University of Northern Colorado. In fact during some years, city directories list the house's occupants under the heading "Student Housing." The city directories also indicate, however, that Michael A. Tegtman lived and owned here circa 1973, and that house was also owner-occupied by Jim Goodridge during most of the 1980s. The house is presently a rental, and is owned by an entity called 2436 11th Ave. Land Trust of Evergreen, Colorado.