Columbine Church of Christ House - 914 24th Street

 Print Listing Historical Name - Leusink House; Norwood House
Style - No Style
Built Year - 1968
State ID - 5WL5001

Description - This single-story wood frame dwelling consists of a main side-gabled section which measures 41' N-S by 23' E-W, with a narrow shed-roofed extension on the west elevation, which measures 25' N-S by 5' E-W. There is also a small, 6' by 4', enclosed gabled porch on the east elevation. The main side-gabled portion appears to be composed of two portions which were perhaps built as a separate times. It is also possible that one or both sections were moved to this location. The north part of the side-gabled section measures 25' N-S by 23' E-W, while the south part of the side-gabled section measures 16' N-S by 23' E-W. One other possibility is that the south section was originally an attached garage. The dwelling is supported by a low concrete foundation, and its exterior walls are clad with painted light beige horizontal wood siding. The main side-gabled roof, and the narrow shed roof over the extension, are covered with brown asphalt composition shingles. The eaves are boxed with painted light beige and blue wood trim. Single-light fixed-pane picture windows penetrate the north and east elevations, while five 4-light (probably hopper) windows penetrate the shed-roofed extension on the west elevation. Elsewhere, the house's windows are primarily single and paired 2/2 double-hung sash with painted wood frames and surrounds. A painted white wood-paneled door, covered by a white metal storm door, enters the enclosed gabled porch on the east elevation. A painted cream yellow solid wood door enters the shed-roofed extension on the west elevation.

Historical Background - Greeley city directories indicate that this modest dwelling has existed at this location since the late 1960s. Wayne and Judy Leusink, who are listed at this address in the 1969 city directory, are the home's earliest known residents. According to the directory, Wayne was employed as a teacher in Fort Collins, while Judy worked as a secretary. Wayne and Judy apparently did not live here long, however, as the 1970 directory lists Earl G. Norwood as the home's occupant. The property then continued to change hands frequently, or at least to have numerous occupants, from the early 1970s to the early 2000s. Residents during these years included: Earl G. Norwood (early 1970s); Lane Pearson (early-to-mid 1970s); Wilma Jewett (late 1970s - early 1980s) ; Rodney Martin (circa 1984); Fred Brug (mid-1980s); Kalen Bjorge (late 1980s); Ronald Sidebottom (early 1990s); and Robert Ranck (early 2000s). Among these, only Ronald Sidebottom is listed as an owner in the directories; the others were apparently renters. The city directories also indicate that the property may have sat vacant for a time during the mid-to-late 1990s. Weld County Assessor records indicate that the building has been owned by the Columbine Church of Christ since May 2002.