Wray House - 907 25th Street

 Print Listing Historical Name - Scott House; Neufer House
Style - Ranch Type
Built Year - 1957
State ID - 5WL5004

Description - The original portion of this single-story hipped-roof dwelling fronts towards 25th Street to the south, and measures 28' N-S (deep) by 36' E-W (across). A large shed-roofed addition, built onto the north (rear) elevation connects the dwelling to a formerly detached double-stall garage which measures 24' N-S by 26' E-W. The house is supported by a painted white concrete foundation which extends to approximately three fee above grade. The foundation wall is penetrated by what appear to be non-historic basement egress windows. The home's exterior walls are clad with pale beige horizontal vinyl siding, while the low-pitched hipped roof is covered with grey asphalt composition shingles. The widely-overhanging eaves are boxed, with pale beige vinyl and painted brown wood trim. There is no chimney. The home's windows are primarily 2-light and 3-light casements with transom lights, set in painted brown metal frames, and with painted brown wood surrounds. A stained natural brown solid wood door, covered by a silver metal storm door is located on the fa├žade. This door leads into the house from a 12' by 4' 4-step concrete porch, with a black wrought iron railing, and with black wrought iron posts which support a hipped porch roof. A non-historic 1x1 horizontal sliding glass bypass door enters the shed-roofed addition near the north end of the east elevation. The formerly detached garage is supported by a concrete slab foundation, and its exterior walls are clad with the same horizontal vinyl siding as is the house. The garage is covered by a low-pitched hipped roof, with grey asphalt composition shingles, and with boxed eaves. Two painted brown wood-paneled roll-away garage doors are located on the garage's east elevation. These doors open onto a concrete driveway which turns to the south and extends along the east side of the house to 25th Street. Two small windows penetrate the garage's north wall.

Historical Background - This house was likely built in 1957, and according to the 1957 Greeley city directory it was first owned and occupied by E.B. Scott. Scott lived in the house for only two or three years, however, as by 1960, it had become the property of Paul H. Neufer. Mr. Neufer then lived and owned here until the end of the 1970s. He had been born in Colby, Kansas on December 10, 1906, the son of Wilhelm and Maria (Ochs) Neufer. He grew up in Canada and in Kansas, and after coming of age, he was married to Marie Wilhelm in Otis, Kansas, in December 1929. Mr. and Mrs. Neufer lived in Oklahoma where they farmed until 1936 when they moved to Greeley. Mr. Neufer was employed as a carpenter with Pearl-Mack Construction Company in Denver, and he also did custom carpentry in Greeley prior to his retirement in 1976. Mr. Neufer passed away on November 18, 1986, a few years after moving from this location. He was seventy-nine. Marie Neufer had passed away some years earlier, at an unknown date. Greeley city directories indicate that during the early 1980s this house became a rental, with main level and basement apartments. Residents during these years included Dallas Greenfield, Bob Hunter, and Tim Willoughby. Weld county Assessor records indicate that in 1984 the property was purchased by Perry A. Wray. Mr. Wray has owned and lived here from that time to the present (2006).