Woodbury House - 1124 7TH ST

 Print Listing Historical Name - Woodbury House
Style - Late Victorian/Carpenter Gothic
Built Year - 1870-1871
State ID - 5WL664

Description - This Carpenter Gothic style residence is an irregular shaped, one story, wood frame structure with an asphalt shingle, cross gabled roof. Roof features include a truss in gable in the west, east and north gables, and a steep pitch. It has a stone foundation and lap wood siding. The main fa├žade is broken into three bays and contains a centered entrance. The one-story, full-width front porch has Tuscan columns and wraps around the projecting entrance. There is a pediment over the entrance. Windows are one-over-one wood frame double hung sash, and the upper windows are rounded at the top. A bay window is located on the east elevation.

Historical Background - Joseph Woodbury, the builder and original owner of the house, came to Greeley from the east in May 1870. He married his wife Mary Hickok in 1857 and they had four sons, Albert Augustus, Charles Lemuel, Fred Hawkins and Wallace Everett. Their son Charles died at the age of three months. His wife Mary died in 1883 of stomach cancer. He had trained as a carpenter and built this house and many of the original buildings in Greeley. A prominent citizen in Greeley, Woodbury was active in politics and local organizations, including serving on the town board and later town council and mayor. He served as treasurer of the Society of Union Colony Pioneers. He built the original Meeker School. He was Greeley's first fire chief. According to his 1913 obituary, "He believed in work and work well done and nearly every public building in the city, as well as many private ones, were erected by him." He helped organized Greeley's Masonic Lodge and was very active in it thereafter.