David Boyd House - 1312 11th Street

 Print Listing Historical Name - David Boyd House
Style - No Style
Built Year - 1879
State ID - 5WL765

Description - The Boyd House is a side-gabled one-an-a-half story rectilinear brick structure with a flat-roofed one story rectilinear addition extending from the rear. Roof features include steeply-pitched centrally located gable wall-dormers front and rear, and exaggerated, unadorned frieze, composition shingles, and two brick chimneys located centrally and near the rear façade. Supported by a stone foundation with cement stucco, the exterior walls feature stretcher bond masonry. The windows are vertically emphasized one-over-one double hung with segmental arch lintels. The rear projection features two sliding windows. The front entrance is covered by a small central hip-roofed porch supported by battered posts.

Historical Background - The house was originally constructed in 1879 by William A. Hopper and Mr. Bodgett and was originally owned by David Boyd. Boyd came to Greeley as a Union Colony member in 1870 and contributed significantly to Greeley in many ways. He served as a Union Colony trustee for ten years and was elected second president of the Union Colony, succeeding town founder Nathan Meeker. He also served as president of the Greeley School Board and superintendent of the Weld County Schools, president of the State Teachers’ Association and in the State Senate from 1892 to 1896. One of his most useful contributions was his publication, History of Greeley and the Union Colony of Colorado. He also wrote Irrigation Near Greeley, Colorado, which was included in government reports. His daughter Psyche Boyd continued to live in the house until her death in 1946 at the age of 78. She was a president of the Daughters of Civil War Veterans, was active in the Presbyterian Church and was president of the Union Colony Pioneers which supported the Meeker Memorial Museum, now the Meeker Home Museum, which is part of the City of Greeley Museums. She also had a photography shop. Her sister Sela Kester lived next door at 1310 11th Street.