German House Bed and Breakfast - 1305 6th Street

 Print Listing Historical Name - Harry N. Haynes House
Style - Late Victorian/Queen Anne
Built Year - 1885
State ID - 5WL8458

Description - The Haynes House is an asymmetrical 2 1/2 story brick Queen Anne residence/bed and breakfast with a combination end-gable and hip roof. Roof feature include verge board and fishscale shingles on the front gable-end, open eaves, wood shingles, three brick chimneys (located SE corner, centrally, and NE corner) and a small shed dormer (located on the NE corner). A large two-story bay on the eastern façade features a pyramidal roof. A large, square bay on the western façade features an end-gable roof with decorative verge board and fishscale shingles. The exterior walls are brick veneer with a stone watertable and stone beltcourse dividing the first and second stories. The main façade also features a small gabled porch with battered posts. The front entrance features an oak door (not original) with sidelights. Most windows are double hung one-over-one with segmental arches, stone sills and brick lintels. Other notable windows include the front end-gable Palladian-like window featuring a wood-paneled mid-section and shell motif in the upper semi-circular section, and two stained glass windows located on the main façade and square western bay, respectively. In the foundation are multiple basement-level hopper windows with stone lintels. Some windows feature latticework added within the past five years. It should be noted that the previous owners of the Haynes House added several elements from historical structures from Greeley that were razed. Several sandstone capitals from Cranford Hall from the Normal School (now University of Northern Colorado) campus, are scattered throughout the yard. The wooden ceiling panels in the front parlor are also from Cranford. The kitchen cabinets were adapted from the C. H. Jackson House. Marble counter tops adorn most of the heating registers throughout the home. However, these elements do not augment or detract from the exterior of the home and therefore should not be considered pertinent to the home's significance.

Historical Background - This Queen Anne structure occupies a corner lot within the original Greeley city limits. It is named for Harry N. Haynes, who built the present structure in 1888 and occupied it with his family until 1921. The property was originally owned by Ovid Plumb, father of Anna Elizabeth Plumb. Anna came to Greeley with her parents in 1872 and married Harry ten years later. Harry Neil Haynes was a prominent Greeley attorney. After passing the bar in 1879, he practiced law in Ft. Collins until moving to Greeley in 1882. Reputed to be an expert on western water law., Mr. Haynes served as referee for irrigation District No. 3 for a period of one year. In private practice he devoted a large portion of his time to irrigation cases. At various times he served as school board member, city attorney and county attorney. On a personal note, Mr. Haynes was a passionate and expert chess player.