Benton House - 1128 16TH ST

 Print Listing Historical Name - Rogers House; Rogers-Benton House
Style - Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Movements/Craftsman
Built Year - 1910
State ID - 5WLAAAA

Description - This Craftsman style residence is an irregular shaped, one-story, wood frame structure with an asphalt shingle, front gabled roof. The rear (south) end of the roof is hipped. Roof features include exposed rafter ends, broad overhanging eaves, and a gabled dormer with exposed rafter ends. A flat roof covers the sunroom on the east side of the house. The house has a concrete foundation and lap siding. The main façade contains an off-centered entrance. The one-story, partial width porch has square posts with a solid, lap-sided rail, concrete steps leading to it, a front gabled roof with stucco and fake ½ timbering and triangle knee braces. There is a decorative cornice with small decorative brackets at the junction of the gable end and the lap siding. Windows are one-over-one vinyl with wood frames and have decorative muntins which are multi-light-over one. Other windows are wood frame, one light fixed. The dormer wood frame windows with muntins are original also. Two doors are located on the west elevation. The two brick chimneys are located on the west wall and the center of the roof. Stone caps are on the brick steps of the west wall. A detached garage with fishscale shingles on the gable end, triangle knee braces and exposed rafter ends sits at the south end of the property. The door on the garage is not original.

Historical Background - According to the Weld County Assessor, the house was constructed in 1910. The date is likely accurate or close because the first listing for 1128 16th Street is in 1913 for Ray C. Watson. Watson worked as a bookkeeper and lived here with his wife May from approximately 1913 through 1915. It is unclear how long exactly Watson lived here. He may have lived here from 1910 until 1917. Arthur W. and Genevieve Gill lived here from approximately 1917 through 1936. Arthur worked as a bookkeeper at the Weld County Garage and later worked as proprietor of the Greeley Garage from approximately 1922 through 1930. According to the city directories, he worked as a teacher from 1931 through 1936, in 1936 on the faculty of the University of North Dakota. Gill grew up in Greeley and graduated from the University of Colorado as an engineer in 1910. He worked as an engineer for the Holly Sugar Company and then later returned to the University of Northern Colorado for an advanced degree in education. He earned the degree by 1930 and worked as a teacher. He later moved to Arizona, where he completed his career of 25 years on the faculty of Engineer College, University of Arizona at Tucson. He and Genevieve married in 1912 in Michigan and they had two sons, Larry and Joseph. She died in 1952 at their home in Tucson. Several other residents lived here from 1937 through 1942. J.D. and Agnes Cline lived here in 1937 and J.D. worked on the faculty of Colorado State College of Education. Fred P. and Ollie Noffsinger lived here from 1938 through 1940. They lived in and owned the Greeley Historic Register-listed property, the Noffsinger House at 1861 12th Avenue, from approximately 1943 through 1962. While Fred and Ollie lived here, Fred was the president of NLN Manufacturing Company. Robert Noffsinger, who also worked at NLN Manufacturing Company, also lived with them. NLN Manufacturing Company later became Noffsinger Manufacturing Company, renowned world wide for agricultural implement design and production. Finally, Charles A. and Dorothy Hales lived here in 1941 and 1942. Charles taught economics at CSCE. Elmer Murray Rogers and Barbara Rogers lived here from 1944 through 1975. Elmer was the proprietor of Rogers Jewelers, which was located at 829 8th Street in 1944 and 817 8th Street in 1950. He worked in the jewelry business from 1908 until he retired in 1962 and lived here until his death in March 1975. Elmer was born in 1892 and raised at Tecumseh, Nebraska. He attended the University of Nebraska. He and Barbara married in September 1912 at Oskaloosa, Iowa and came to Colorado in 1914. Rogers was a member of Trinity Episcopal Church, the Greeley Elks Lodge B.P.O.E. No. 809, and a former member of the Greeley Country Club. Barbara moved to 1700 18th Avenue and then died in November 1977.