Opp Kilpatrick House - 1857 13TH AV

 Print Listing Historical Name - Roy V. Smith House
Style - Late 19th and 20th Century Revivals/Tudor Revival
Built Year - 1922
State ID - 5WLAAAB

Description - This Tudor Revival style residence is an irregular shaped, two-story brick and wood frame structure with an asphalt shingle, steeply pitched, multi-gabled roof. Roof features include gabled dormers and fake half timbering with stucco on the exterior of the gable ends and a decorative brickwork diamond. It has a concrete foundation and brick and stucco exterior. The main fa├žade contains an off centered entrance with stonework surrounding the original arched door with a wood screen door. The porch stoop has a decorative short metal rail. Windows are multi-light, metal frame casement. Other windows include an oriel window with leaded diamond shaped lights on first story of the east elevation. The north elevation has a second story bay window that is cantilevered slightly and has fake half-timbering. A second story room on the west end of the north elevation of the house cantilevers over the driveway to the north. The roof extends down over the north side of the driveway. The two brick chimneys are located on the north and south ends of the original house. They have corbelled brickwork at the top. The south chimney has decorative brickwork. The addition on the south side of the house has stucco and false half-timbering and casement windows. The south slope of the roof of the south addition has a skylight. A brick detached garage is located at the rear of the property matches the house. This one-story front gabled structure has fake half timbering in the gable ends and wood doors with wood frame windows

Historical Background - The first residents listed for this address were William and August Bostrom in 1920. William was retired. No residents were listed from 1922 through 1931, so it is unclear exactly when the house was constructed. The Weld County Assessor date of construction is 1922. Roy V. Smith and his wife Gladys are the first residents listed at this property since 1922. They lived here from 1933 through 1962. Roy worked at the JV Smith & Son Department Store and was co-proprietor. Otto G. Edwards and his wife Julia are listed at this address in 1941. Otto worked as proprietor of Edwards Chevrolet. Gladys Smith continued to live here through 1969. Dean and Nancy Turner owned and lived here from 1970 through1982. Dean worked as a professor at UNC. They had two children, Taos born in 1972 and Summer born in 1974. James D. Klein and his wife Betsy purchased the house next in 1983 and lived here at least through 1985. Mr. Klein was self-employed.