n/a - 1711 6th Avenue, Greeley, CO 80631

 Print Listing Historical Name - n/a
Style - Bungalow
Built Year - 1910
State ID - 5WLXX13

Description - 1711 6th Avenue is an east-facing, rectangular plan bungalow with vinyl siding, a side gabled roof, and a concrete foundation. Exhibiting modest Craftsman Bungalow characteristics, the home has an off-center front porch recessed under the main roof with one massive pier and a balustrade rail. The brown asphalt composition roof has a dormer with a multi-light fixed window and a shed roof as well as a brick chimney on the south end and exposed rafters. The majority of the home’s windows are 1-over-1 aluminum frame, but the basement level has sliding windows. Additionally, there is a separate door to the basement on the north elevation. The west (rear) elevation of the home has a simple, uncovered, small wooden deck leading to the rear entrance of the home.

Historical Background - Though the Weld County Assessor lists the construction date for 1711 6th Avenue in 1916, Greeley City Directories list Ole and Alma Westburg as the home’s first residents in 1910. However, directories from the years 1913-1920 do not list any occupants of the home. From 1922-1946, several families lived in the home, none longer than three years. In 1948, farmer Marvin L. Winslow and his wife Eva moved into the house. He retired in 1956, but began working at the Weld County Filling Station in 1957. The Winslows had moved out of the house by 1962. By the late 1960s, 1711 6th Avenue was used as a rental home; in 1971, homeowner Lee Enewald added exterior access to the home’s basement apartment. The house still serves as a rental unit, currently owned by Eagle Housing Corporation.