Landry House - 1127 18TH ST

 Print Listing Historical Name - Shattuck House
Style - Foursquare
Built Year - 1908-09
State ID - 5WLXX18

Description - This American Foursquare residence with Craftsman style features is a rectangular, two-story brick structure with a wood shingle, hipped roof. Roof features include exposed rafter ends and wide overhanging eaves. It has brick and vinyl exterior with a brick beltcourse separating the first and second floor. The main facade is broken into three bays and contains a centered entrance. The one-story, partial-width porch has a shed roof with exposed rafter ends and brick support columns which extend above the roof of the porch. The house also has a one-story enclosed solarium on the west elevation, which is original to the house, with brick exterior, ribbons of four-over-one, wood frame windows on each side and a widow’s walk on the roof. Windows are ten-over-one, four-over-one and six-light fixed wood frame and have decorative wood shutters and storm windows. Some windows have stone sills. The two brick chimneys have concrete caps and are located on the east and west sides of the roof. Additionally, the bricks are comprised of seven rows of stretcher bond with every eighth row a row of alternating headers and stretchers. There are also bricks in soldier course, which is an uncommon arrangement of bricks in a row, under the eaves and under the first floor windows. The soldier course bricks are arranged vertically.

Historical Background - The house was built in 1908-1909 for Orville F. Shattuck, the Greeley city engineer. He lived in the house with his wife Mary until 1915, when they sold it to Olin and Fannie Neill. Olin Dwight Neill was a prominent Greeley citizen, having been Vice President of Mill Lumber Company in Greeley and a past president of the Mountain States Lumber Dealers Association. He was active in community organizations, serving as the president of the Greeley Chamber of Commerce and of the Greeley Lions Club. He also served on the Greeley City Council. Neill sold the house to W.D. Armentrout in 1927, who was on the faculty of the Colorado Teachers College (and later the Colorado State College of Education) for thirty-five years, including twenty-four years as vice president and director of instruction. Dr. W.D. Armentrout was also a past president of the Chamber of Commerce and the Greeley Rotary Club. He and his wife lived in the house until they sold it to another prominent Greeley citizen, William S. Garnsey, III in 1947, co-owner of Garnsey & Wheeler auto dealership.