Regent Apartments - 1632 9TH AV

 Print Listing Historical Name - Regent Apartments
Style - Late 19th and 20th Century Revivals/Spanish Colonial Revival (Spanish Eclectic)
Built Year - 1923-4
State ID - 5WLxxx0

Description - This Spanish Eclectic style apartment building is a rectangular three story brick structure with a flat roof. Roof features include a parapet around the roof. The parapet on the west elevation has a tile covered shed overhang. It has a concrete foundation and stucco and brick exterior. The main fa├žade is broken into six bays and contains an arched entrance in the third bay from the south end of the building (and is slightly off-centered). The one-story recessed entrance has an arched opening with decorative brickwork around the arch. Brick quoins are on the corners of the building. Windows are one-over-one wood frame double hung sash and have screens and brick surrounds. An enclosed stairway on the rear has asbestos siding. A detached brick storage building is located at the rear. This shed roofed building has a concrete foundation and four sets of wood doors on the west side, facing the rear of the apartment building.

Historical Background - In 1923, Regent Apartments was constructed as an apartment building and was known as Regent Apartments. The building contains seven units, and various people have occupied them throughout the history of the building, including many faculty and staff associated with what is now the University of Northern Colorado.