Lim House - 1862 13TH AV

 Print Listing Historical Name - Read House; McArthur House; Young House
Style - Late 19th and 20th Century Revivals/Tudor Revival
Built Year - 1928
State ID - 5WLxxx2

Description - This Tudor Revival style residence is an irregular-shaped (almost T-shaped), two-story, wood frame structure with brick veneer exterior and an asphalt shingle, side-gabled roof. Roof features include the steep pitch, steeply pitched gable dormers with false half-timbering, false half-timbering in the gable ends. It has a concrete foundation with brick veneer and the exterior is brick with weeping mortar and stucco. Stone trim adorns portions of the exterior walls. The main façade contains an off-centered entrance with an arch over it and decorative brickwork under the arch above the door. Brick steps lead to the main door of wood with glazing and the storm door. There are multiple front gables, including the gable where there main entrance is located. Windows are tall, narrow, multi-light, metal casement with stone sills. Two-light transoms top several of the casement windows. The two brick chimneys are located on the west elevation south of the entrance and on the north gable wall. The massive chimneys have the appearance of having multiple shafts (do not have multiple shafts) with brick corbelling at the top. The chimney on the west elevation has a decorative arch at the first story level with decorative brickwork in alternating stretcher and soldier courses forming a grid pattern inside the arch. A porte cochere with a steeply pitched gable roof on the south side of the house marks the time of transition in residential architecture from he detached garage to the attached garage. An addition with vertical wood siding is located on the north of the house, which has alley access and garage doors in the rear.

Historical Background - The house was built in approximately 1928 and was first occupied by John W. Read, Jr. and his wife Julia, who lived in the house until 1939. Read was proprietor of Read’s Shoe Store where he worked with his brother Charles. He later worked as a salesman for Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance and retired in 1956. Julia Read died in 1959, and he was remarried, this time to Alethe Lang in December 1962. He was a member of First Congregational Church and a member and past president of Rotary. During the 1940s, John Read served several terms as City Treasurer and was appointed Chapter Manager of the Weld County Red Cross in 1948. Other significant residents included Donald McArthur and his wife Jessie, who lived at 1862 13th Avenue from 1940 through 1942. Donald worked as co-proprietor of Weld County Garage. Rex C. Eaton, Sr. lived her from 1944 through 1948. He owned and managed Eaton Investment Company. Edward Gale McArthur and his wife Ruth lived there and he was employed at Weld County Garage.