Plaster & Williams PC - 1024 8TH ST

 Print Listing Historical Name - Boomer House
Style - Late Victorian/Queen Anne
Built Year - 1895
State ID - 5WL771

Description - This Queen Anne style residence is a rectangular, two-story, wood frame structure with an asphalt shingle, front gabled roof. Roof features include decorative vergeboard, trusses in the gable ends and diamond and fish scale shingles. It has a stone foundation and wood lap siding. The main fa├žade contains an off-centered entrance and a basement entry to the east of the main entrance. The main entrance consists of double, wood paneled and glazed doors. The one-story, partial width porch has a front gabled roof with spindlework and a truss in the gable and fishscale shingles, spindlework porch posts with decorative brackets, balustrade rails, spindlework in the frieze and decorative facing. Windows are wood frame and have two light transoms. A pediment is over the second story window on the north elevation and has sunburst detailing.

Historical Background - The house was probably built in 1895 for Willard (or William) M. Boomer, a man who was active in the community in various ways, including working as a barber, serving on the City Council, as organizer of the first fire department and as the secretary of the Greeley Power and Light Company. Boomer and his wife came to Greeley in the early 1870s from Denver. Boomer served as the mayor of Greeley from 1893-1896, thus living in this house for part of his time as mayor. They also worked as the proprietors of the Oasis Hotel, later known as the Camfield Hotel. They lived in the house through 1906, when the house became the house for the pastor of the Baptist Church. Various pastors of First Baptist Church lived in the house until 1935, when John R. Moore and his wife Edna lived there. Mr. Moore was a salesman for the S.F. Baker Company. Mrs. Johanna Aikins lived in the house next from 1937 until 1940, when Mrs. Iva Sylvester lived there. The house was converted into apartments and was purchased by John Quincy Adams in approximately 1948. He lived there with his wife Grace for many years and worked as a farmer. He rented out the apartments until at least 1973. Grace Adams died in 1960, having moved to Greeley with her husband John in 1946. By 1980, the house was used for office spaces, including for Professional Design Services, Inc., Western Technical Services, which were the offices of an architect and a professional engineer. Several other businesses occupied the house until approximately 1992, when Plasters & Williams purchased and occupied the house with law offices.