Crime Tips


CALL 911

Do not use this method to report in-progress incidents.

The Greeley Police department values information on suspicious or criminal activities provided by residents. People who want to take an active role in keeping crime out of their neighborhoods are vital to the department. This online form allows you to report problems to the Police Department.

You have the option to remain anonymous. The Police Department will not attempt to identify you if you choose to remain anonymous.

Simply provide information that will assist police in preventing crimes in the box below. Please provide as much information as possible, including addresses, suspect names, suspect descriptions, and types of activity. The more information you submit, the more we can do to stop the problem. Provide either a phone number or an e-mail address if you would like a response. The information you provide will be investigated promptly.

While we act upon this information quickly, please note that this is NOT a substitute for calling 9-1-1. If you witness an activity that requires immediate response from police or emergency responders, please call 9-1-1. If you have information that cannot be answered in this questionnaire, please contact us at (970) 350-9605

Thank you for your help in making the City of Greeley a safer and better place to live.

OPTIONAL: If you are willing to talk to a Greeley Police Officer, please provide the necessary contact information:

E-Mail Address: